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Sensor protection degree
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Reference to the PRC national standard enclosure rating category is equivalent to using IEC529 (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards
Level Protection Degree Testing Method Protection Degree of Avionics Measurement
Brief Introduction Meaning
5 Splash Proof Water splashing from any direction not affected in short time
Beam exposed surface sealed glue, common sensor can reach
6 Water Spraying Protection Water strong spraying from any direction not affected in short time

Cover glue sealed, internal epoxy potting compound sensor can reach
7 Anti-soaking water effect Regulate pressure and time for immersion in water not affected

Cover (or bellows) welding, filling plastic to protect the internal sensor or multi-layer resin sealed sensors can be achieved. In addition to anti-oil, water, corrosive gases, corrosive media.
8 Anti-dive Long time immersion in water Depended Special sensor can be customized

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